Krylan | Krzysztof Koperkiewicz
I'm Krzysztof Koperkiewicz and I'm a web developer. My curiosity and ambition make that HTML, CSS or JavaScript holds no secrets for me. Backend technologies like PHP or MySQL aren't also unfamiliar for me. I'm making websites on my own, starting with graphics project – for this purpose, I'm using Adobe Photoshop software. Other graphic works I'm making, includes icons or logos, are designed in vectors with Inkscape software.

Aside from websites, I'm interested in composing songs and drawing manga-inspired illustrations. I'm gaining knowledge from other fields or software capabilities like the 3D graphic (Blender) or movie editing (Adobe After Effects).

Using the menu above you can learn more about my projects, skills and also, how you can get in touch with me.


If you want to support my work and/or you see my works as a valuable piece of code, you can donate money. Thanks to that I could make more interesting projects by myself – accessible for any other web developer.