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Painter Battle screenshot
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  • Typegame
  • Year2015


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • WebRTC

Painter Battle

Simple multiplayer game made on canvas element in HTML5. Game size is only 77 KB.


2016-12-10Version 3.1 was released. In newest edition of the game you can use smartphone with Android as gamepad (I used for this WebRTC technology). Additional, you can change keys settings for players.

2017-08-02Version 3.5 was released. It adds two new bonuses – "Bomb" and "Ghost". Final scores, like time counter, was moved into canvas element. Was added also "particles explosions" which uses particle effects, which we can choose for each of players. Bonuses are random and we can turn on/off certain bonus types. Options "Fullscreen" and "Smooth render" was also added. Fixed few bugs.