Notice: This project is not in active development.

Since Steam updated their library view in the client, so you can use most of the functions directly in official software, I don't see a need to work on this tool anymore. There are also better tools out there to manage your library on multiple different platforms, like Playnite.
Nevetherless, you can still use this tool as you like.

Steam Library Filter Tool

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Filter. Sort. Manage.

This tool helps players to look through their Steam libraries. Steam client still lacks many library-concerned features. That's why this tool was built.

See your profile from different view

Have access to statistics of your Steam account and achievement hunting. It includes also Steam ranks from

Have details about the game in one place

Chosing a game from your library you are able to see and filter your achievements, see the inventory, playing statistics (provided by It also comes with useful links to game page on Steam store, game inventory (, and beating time ( You can also launch a game from your browser.

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Steam Library Filter Tool was created by Krylan.
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